Friday, August 22, 2014

A country I'd like to visit

I would like to travel to all the countries in Latin America. But if I have to start for only one I would like to go to Uruguay. A few months ago I was going there with my best friend, but for things of life we couldn’t go, but we expect to do that trip someday.

We were looking for information about Uruguay, and it’s a beautiful country, it is small, but the people is happy (or that says people who go there), It is a very different culture from what we have in Chile. It is an expensive country, but the education, the health are free (not like Chile) for the people who live in Uruguay. Marijuana and abortion are legal, and I'd really like to know how people  live without those restrictions. I would also like to know the beach, the streets, etc. I think that is a little country so I don’t need a lot of time to know all of it.

I don’t know if I would like to live in another country, I think that I missed a lot my space, my house, my people, so I think that I just would go to get around and be a tourist, but nothing more.     


  1. Uruguay is a nice country. I like to travel for Latin America and visit this place :D

  2. curiously I posted something very similar on my blog, but I didn't picked Uruguay as first option (but I was really nearly to do that) I love the idea of travel around Latin America, and Uruguay seems to be a country so cool for they legal (and mental) development, I hope you can visit it

  3. I also chose Uruguay! I think its a nice country and the people are so nice!

  4. I agree with you, travel for a lot of time could remember your old friends, places and things. but is always good, went to another country, I think.