Friday, November 21, 2014

My experience at the English class

I think that the English I learn at university it’s not so good, because we don’t learn about English in psychology or things that we can use in our careers, I think this is very important because there are a lot of literature and materials in English about social science that is important that we can learn and understand for our works in the future. But for other side, I think that we can learn things that we didn’t learn at the school, in my case I had a really bad teacher in my school and I learn English more watching TV than in class.

About the blogs I think it’s a good way to practice English, but I think that the topics were a little beat repetitive so sometimes were a little boring. I think that we could write about family, about movies, pet, friends, dreams, food, I, don’t know, about another things.

I think I need improved a lot of things, principally I need to improve reading and I think that I will practice that reading text and paper about psychology, because that is my interest about know English. There are a lot of paper and books in English and I think it’s important to know some literature from other country.

I don’t use the English class outside of the classroom; this is because my friends and my family are not so good to speak in other language and we always speak in Spanish. Although I watch movies in English sometimes, but always I have to watch with subtitles. But being honestly, I don’t like learn other language and I used to forget that maybe is important to learn it too.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


In this blog I’m going to talk about this year, the good and the bad things that happened to me. The good things that happened to me was my friends, this year I could strengthen the relations with them. Another thing it’s good to me is de university, because this year was more kind, I didn’t had to do so many tests but I learn a lot about different topic and without stress.
But this year had been really hard in others ways. I was participating in organization of students of psychology, and we had to give up to that because the people of the career were no participating on activities or assembly. It was a sad decision because we work for three years to resolve different problems about the career, and making activities to generate community on the career.
Another thing bad was I have to break up with my partner and was really sad do it. Also I know that my dad was coming back to Chile after 8 years that we didn’t talk. This year I also had different problems of health I had to go to different doctors to know what was happening to me.
But a good thing is that I’m doing a feminist group with other women and man, and I had a really good feeling about that.

This year had been really hard in a lot of ways, but I hope that December could be a better month and the holidays could be more fun.  

La Chancha

In this blog I’m going to talk about “Chancha”. Chancha it’s my dog. She is a Labrador dog, really beautiful. She had 8 years old, is really playful, but also it is little lazy. Her original name was Blondie, because she is blonde, my big brother give her that name, but then he start to call her “Chancha” because she is really good to eat anything that she find on the floor or plants o trash.  
She loves people, and she like give “kisses” to them. Some people complain about her because she is really slimy, but we don’t care really much. Another thing I can talk to you about her is that she is afraid to the water and the plastic bags, I don’t know why but when she sees a plastic bag in the street she bark a lot, but if the plastic bag it’s too close to her she run. Also she like to bark to old people and children, but when she sees people who you can think that is a thief or something like that she go to hide. Actually we think that the only reason that anyone had get in to the house to steal is because she is really big, but they don’t know that she is really coward.

Also my Chancha is a really loving dog and she love that you make cuddling in her stomach. We love her a lot, I’m disagreeing with the domestication of animals, but she is a really good company, a member of the family. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

how green are you?

When I was 12 or 13 years old, I tried to recycle on my house, I tried to recycle tetra pack, papers, all that things, and also I tried to make compost for the plants of my house, but it didn’t worked because anybody in my family helped me, so the recycling just had a during of a month or something like that. But the next year, with a friend of the school we tried to make a project in the school to installing recycling bin and promote de recycle in the classroom we was inspired in Juan Carlos Bodoque from 31 minutes. But this project didn´t worked because the teachers and the students didn’t had a real interest in worked on this. So our project was just 6 recycle bin for paper, glass, plastic, etc. but the people used this for take out any kind of trush. We was sad because we think that if we show any kind of interest on recycling, the school was going to start teaching to the students to do it, we think while more little was the people more easy was going to learn to recycle and all was going to assimilate recycling in their life.

Today I don’t recycle, I think that was so many times that it didn’t worked that so I decide when I live  alone I will going to do it, I think that all the people must to recycle or do something to avoid contaminate more. For while I ride in bike the most times I can. Another think I do is that I’m vegetarian for 2 years and a half, not just for the suffering of the animals also because I’m not agree with the industry of the meat, and also because is more healthy don’t eat meat.

Well, I think that are the things that I can tell you about how green are I.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sexist Practice on the Public Transport

I’m going to talk about the public transport, specifically, about the sexist practice on the transantiago.

The first thing I want to talk is when a man comes to sit beside you and they open their legs and take you off your space in the seat. So you have two options: accept that he need open their legs “for his comfort” or open your legs and try to recover your space.

The second thing I hate is that if you (women) try to give your sit to an old men he don’t accept it, but when another man try to give him the seat he don’t have any problem to accept it. This supposed for the chivalry.

The third thing I hate about the transport public is the subway, especially when this is full of people, because some men try to touching you improperly, taking advantage of the multitude. This I think is the most denigrating for people in general.

The fourth thing I hate (I know this point is really questionable) is when some woman take advantage just for be a women and don’t try to give the seat even if there are old people or persons with children or babies (Some women really think that they are the weak sex). I think that if you want to change some practices in the society you can’t replicate that same practices. Although I understand that sometimes you can be exhausted of the sexism and you maybe can taking advantage from some practices in the patriarchal society, but I think is bad abused of that or don’t have conscience about what are you doing.

These are the things that I hate about the sexist practice on the public transport, although I hate the cost of the ticket, but always you can request permission to enter in the bus. 

Friday, September 26, 2014


I think that I will work in juridical psychology, specifically in prison. I know it is a difficult job, the prison is a space full of irregularities, it is a space full of people who have really hard realities. Theoretically, a prison is for the reinsertion of the prisoners into the society, or at least that is what Gendarmería de Chile says.  Nothing of that happens in the prison, in reality these are places just to take away the prisoner’s rights, places for dehumanization.

I hope I work with the programs of reinsertion, and be a contribution for changes of the programs, use the studies and investigation that affirm the necessity of other ways to punish people different from the jail.      

For this job it is necessary to study a lot, above all, to convince the institution that the way in which they are doing things is wrong. Social and spatial deprivation is not the better way to punish someone, maybe I’d like travel to Spain or other countries to study more about prison, juridical psychology and other ways “to do justice”.