Friday, September 12, 2014

El abrazo

The best concert I’ve been was in December of 2010, the name was “El Abrazo”. This concert was really special because there were a lot of bands Chileans and Argentine, almost all the bands made tributes to Gustavo Cerati who was in coma in that time.  

The day before to the concert I was of birthday and my cousin asked me if I want to go to the concert, I said ‘of course’ and he made some calls and get me the tickets, the next day I was running for all the city looking for the person who was going to give me the ticket.

We finally get inside to the Parque O’higgins, with my other cousin who already had the ticket to the concert, and we were so happy to be there. In the concert play Los Jaivas, Quilapayun, León Gieco, Spinetta, Los Tres, Chancho en Piedra, Vicentico, Charly García and a few more bands who I don’t remember.

The concert was really cool, there were a lot of people and I met with some friends from school. Duration of the concert was all day and was really sunny and hoy that day, but in the night started to rain, but the music was so good, and the atmosphere was so nice that the people didn’t moved of the place and stilled singing and dancing, I think to that hour was playing Charly García and he had all the people crazy. 

I think it was a really good concert because had an atmosphere really peaceful, it wasn’t a competition between Chileans and argentines on the contrary, was a kind of reconciliation.


  1. jajajajja I write about the same concert!

  2. oooh niice :) I went to El abrazo too, and I wrote about it too, looks like everyone loved it!!

  3. if there were band that played a tribute for gustavo cerati, i think that it was a good concert !