Friday, September 26, 2014


I think that I will work in juridical psychology, specifically in prison. I know it is a difficult job, the prison is a space full of irregularities, it is a space full of people who have really hard realities. Theoretically, a prison is for the reinsertion of the prisoners into the society, or at least that is what Gendarmería de Chile says.  Nothing of that happens in the prison, in reality these are places just to take away the prisoner’s rights, places for dehumanization.

I hope I work with the programs of reinsertion, and be a contribution for changes of the programs, use the studies and investigation that affirm the necessity of other ways to punish people different from the jail.      

For this job it is necessary to study a lot, above all, to convince the institution that the way in which they are doing things is wrong. Social and spatial deprivation is not the better way to punish someone, maybe I’d like travel to Spain or other countries to study more about prison, juridical psychology and other ways “to do justice”.