Friday, October 3, 2014

Sexist Practice on the Public Transport

I’m going to talk about the public transport, specifically, about the sexist practice on the transantiago.

The first thing I want to talk is when a man comes to sit beside you and they open their legs and take you off your space in the seat. So you have two options: accept that he need open their legs “for his comfort” or open your legs and try to recover your space.

The second thing I hate is that if you (women) try to give your sit to an old men he don’t accept it, but when another man try to give him the seat he don’t have any problem to accept it. This supposed for the chivalry.

The third thing I hate about the transport public is the subway, especially when this is full of people, because some men try to touching you improperly, taking advantage of the multitude. This I think is the most denigrating for people in general.

The fourth thing I hate (I know this point is really questionable) is when some woman take advantage just for be a women and don’t try to give the seat even if there are old people or persons with children or babies (Some women really think that they are the weak sex). I think that if you want to change some practices in the society you can’t replicate that same practices. Although I understand that sometimes you can be exhausted of the sexism and you maybe can taking advantage from some practices in the patriarchal society, but I think is bad abused of that or don’t have conscience about what are you doing.

These are the things that I hate about the sexist practice on the public transport, although I hate the cost of the ticket, but always you can request permission to enter in the bus. 


  1. For me is really comfort open my legs and seat in the transport, but i respect the space for the other people.

  2. If some men touch you in the subway, only kick him in the eggs!!

  3. I agree with you!, the transport is suck in many many differents aspects but more, because the people is really selfish and disrespectful :c

  4. I like to travel in the subway, although peak times are horrible. Men always leave little room with his legs !