Sunday, November 9, 2014


In this blog I’m going to talk about this year, the good and the bad things that happened to me. The good things that happened to me was my friends, this year I could strengthen the relations with them. Another thing it’s good to me is de university, because this year was more kind, I didn’t had to do so many tests but I learn a lot about different topic and without stress.
But this year had been really hard in others ways. I was participating in organization of students of psychology, and we had to give up to that because the people of the career were no participating on activities or assembly. It was a sad decision because we work for three years to resolve different problems about the career, and making activities to generate community on the career.
Another thing bad was I have to break up with my partner and was really sad do it. Also I know that my dad was coming back to Chile after 8 years that we didn’t talk. This year I also had different problems of health I had to go to different doctors to know what was happening to me.
But a good thing is that I’m doing a feminist group with other women and man, and I had a really good feeling about that.

This year had been really hard in a lot of ways, but I hope that December could be a better month and the holidays could be more fun.  


  1. Non-participation is a really serious problem D:

  2. 2014 was a good year for me, hopefully we all spend good 2015!!

  3. ohh I hope you're feeling better about your health problems (: always good care

  4. yeah! vacation, come to us! Quicky! This year 2014 looks like passed fast in December, but... time is relative and many things and thinks follow in the present time.