Sunday, November 9, 2014

La Chancha

In this blog I’m going to talk about “Chancha”. Chancha it’s my dog. She is a Labrador dog, really beautiful. She had 8 years old, is really playful, but also it is little lazy. Her original name was Blondie, because she is blonde, my big brother give her that name, but then he start to call her “Chancha” because she is really good to eat anything that she find on the floor or plants o trash.  
She loves people, and she like give “kisses” to them. Some people complain about her because she is really slimy, but we don’t care really much. Another thing I can talk to you about her is that she is afraid to the water and the plastic bags, I don’t know why but when she sees a plastic bag in the street she bark a lot, but if the plastic bag it’s too close to her she run. Also she like to bark to old people and children, but when she sees people who you can think that is a thief or something like that she go to hide. Actually we think that the only reason that anyone had get in to the house to steal is because she is really big, but they don’t know that she is really coward.

Also my Chancha is a really loving dog and she love that you make cuddling in her stomach. We love her a lot, I’m disagreeing with the domestication of animals, but she is a really good company, a member of the family.