Friday, November 21, 2014

My experience at the English class

I think that the English I learn at university it’s not so good, because we don’t learn about English in psychology or things that we can use in our careers, I think this is very important because there are a lot of literature and materials in English about social science that is important that we can learn and understand for our works in the future. But for other side, I think that we can learn things that we didn’t learn at the school, in my case I had a really bad teacher in my school and I learn English more watching TV than in class.

About the blogs I think it’s a good way to practice English, but I think that the topics were a little beat repetitive so sometimes were a little boring. I think that we could write about family, about movies, pet, friends, dreams, food, I, don’t know, about another things.

I think I need improved a lot of things, principally I need to improve reading and I think that I will practice that reading text and paper about psychology, because that is my interest about know English. There are a lot of paper and books in English and I think it’s important to know some literature from other country.

I don’t use the English class outside of the classroom; this is because my friends and my family are not so good to speak in other language and we always speak in Spanish. Although I watch movies in English sometimes, but always I have to watch with subtitles. But being honestly, I don’t like learn other language and I used to forget that maybe is important to learn it too.

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